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Shameless Plug for Kawaii-Kon 2007

April 9, 2007


This is a shameless plug for Kawaii-Kon 2007. The Hawaii State Public Library will have a YA presence at this year’s conference. This is an effort to get out and seen at a young adult event.

I have a feeling this will be what it’s like:

Scenario 1

Me: Hey, if you show me your library card, you can get a pin or a bookmark.

Teen: Errr…okay…

Me: So what manga do you read?

Teen: manga A-Z

Me: Cool. Did you know the library has manga A-F?

Teen: Really? [trying to slip away]

Me: Try and stop by the library this summer for summer reading, manga counts too!

Teen: Uh, ok… isn’t summer reading for kids?

Me: It’s for teens too! If you’re not too busy, drop by the library!

Scenario 2

Teen: Hey, I know you, you’re the library lady!

Me: Hi there ____! Good to see you. Thanks for stopping by the table. [slips kid undisclosed bribe]

What I’m hoping to get out of this is a new connection with more teens and YAs. I want them to know that we’re here for them and libraries have a lot to offer including borrowing stuff for free. The teens at my library know they can ask me anything and I’ll help them the best I can with helping find what they want/need. This is an effort to get to all those teens who don’t come to the library. I want them to know that the library is not just a place where you accrue fines.

Anyway if anyone has any suggestions as to other library come-ons I can employ at this event, let me know.

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  1. Jolene permalink*
    April 9, 2007 11:10 pm

    Hey are you going to the Barnes and Nobles workshop on the April 25th. I think it’s the same weekend, is there going to be a HSPLS Manga table at the Kawaii-Kon? Or are you just free-lancing? (Which maybe a little creepy, if your holding a bunch of bookmarks, and asking teens to do SRP.)

  2. hiyalibrarian permalink*
    April 10, 2007 5:52 pm

    We have a HSPLS table. And that would be creepy if I were there alone promoting the library.

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