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The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl

April 9, 2007

fanboy.jpgThe Astonishing Adventure of Fanboy and Goth Girl, with it’s deep red cover and dark black lips, one would think it was a graphic novel about a superhero named Fanboy and his sidekick Goth Girl.  However, the book is more about Fanboy and less about Goth Girl.  In actuality Fanboy is more of an anti-hero than comic book hero he’s skinny, self-deprecating, nerdy, and a total comic book geek. Fanboy a.k.a Donnie is 15-year-old kid whose classmates either ignore or bully. His parents are divorced, and he now lives with his “step-fascist” and very pregnant mom. Fanboy has two friends a lacrosse jock named Cal, who also shares his love for graphic novels, and a bullet he carries around for comfort.  Ultimately, Fanboy is miserable and feels his only chance for fame and glory lies in the publication of his graphic novel Schemata.  However, Fanboy’s life plans are thrown of kilter when he meets Kyra a.k.a the sarcastic Goth Girl.

Since author Barry Lyga worked in the comic industry for ten years it’s no surprise he does a great job of weaving comic book references so seamlessly into his first novel.  (Especially, if you’re a Neil Gaimen fan you will chuckle at Lyga’s little jabs towards the author’s work and connection to the Goth culture.)  Also Lyga is not afraid to touch on many teen issues such as serial bullying, suicide, divorce, and self-esteem.  Overall, Lyga’s work is an easy read for fans of graphic novels or teens with super-geek angst.

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