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Kawaii-Kon 2007

April 29, 2007

We came, we saw, we set-up, we promoted.

Today was the last day of Kawaii-Kon 2007. Kawaii-Kon was THE best outreach event that I have been to thus far. I wish we had a little more support from our administration. I did not take an accurate count of how many folks we talked to at the Kon but we passed out 500+ flyers to numerous young adults, children, and adults.

Many of the wonderful young adults were enthusiastic about the library and supportive of our collection of anime and manga titles. I felt so much love for reading and literacy I almost felt like crying. Of course I was semi-delirious from a lack of sleep today. But the love was definitely present. We had a parent on Friday who nearly gave us a standing ovation. It was great talking to the teens and getting a better idea of their reading interests.

Naruto, Bleach, Inuyasha, and Death Note were well represented in the cosplay arena. The costuming was top-notch. Our table was situated in the Artist’s Alley so we were surrounded by artists during their creative processes. It was an environment filled with creativity. The young adults on my left were drawing for nearly 5 hours straight producing wonderful artwork. The room next to us featured vendors who were selling their wares. There were the expected t-shirts, toys, costuming, manga, and other novelties. One of the most impressive were these handmade dolls pictured below.

I did a bit of information mining and found out that I know the creator of this doggie. She’s a college classmate that I run into on occasion. Of course the Kon being in Hawaii we did see many familiar faces. It was a tiring and rewarding weekend.

I think Jolene has a similar take on the Kon but I’ll let her speak for herself.

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