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Jolene’s Reads for April

May 1, 2007


In Her Shoes: Extraordinary Women Describe Their Amazing Careers is an encyclopedia for teens on future careers.  The book spans a variety careers ranging from Actionist, Bounty Hunter to Zookeeper.  The format is very informative and gives facts on each career like salary, location, dress codes, and stress factor.  In addition, each entry features  a short Q&A, “day in the life” journal, career timeline, and related careers.  Some of the careers I found interesting were: Actionist, Animator, Ballistics Expert, Bounty Hunter, Prop Master, Forensic Scientis, and Video Game Programmer. (Also Nancy Pearl, the only librarian with her own “shushing” action figure is featured in this book.)


Midway through this book I began to tire of the storyline and the characters.   Although this book is on our high-demand list and has gotten starred reviews, I felt that the characters might be too stuffy for teens.  I think publishers and librarians should consider this: just because a books main character is a teen does not mean it’ll appeal to teens.

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  1. May 2, 2007 8:20 am

    See, now, I had a completely different opinion of Stay With Me. I think that there is a growing need, or something, for books like this that neatly bridge teen & adult literature. We’re giving teens SCADS of fantastic lit up until they are in their late teens, and then they are just supposed to merge into the adult market? That didn’t work out well for me. Stay With Me, Markus Zusak and the ilk, the challenging authors of the teen world, those are the books that we should be giving the 16-22 year olds. In my world, at least.

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