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Spider-Man 3

May 5, 2007

vs. Yes, I was one of those people who saw Spider-Man 3 on opening night. If you ask me why, I’d say my boyfriend made me do it. I’m one of those homebody types who doesn’t like big crowds or blockbuster movies. Heck, the last movie that I saw and liked was the documentary Air Guitar Nation.

So onto the rant. Why was Spider-Man 3 140 minutes? I’d have been satisfied if they had ended it a third of the way through. No need to resolve anything. Just leave it hanging. An unresolved plot adds to the anticipation of the next movie. What’s up with the horrible acting? Not to name any names, but wth, Tobey Maguire can you say you want to break the contract and let somebody else have a crack at being Spidey, because obviously your heart wasn’t in it. The only redeeming thing about Spider-Man 3 was there were no nipple shots of Kirsten Dunst this time around.

Air Guitar Nation on the other hand was a refreshing little documentary that warranted 81 minutes of my life. How can you dislike a movie where the motto is “Make Air Guitar, Not War.”

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