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Kawaii-Kon 2007 Part Deux

May 7, 2007

Me at the Librarian BoothMarcia & Hillary YA Librarians  gayle-at-booth.jpg
(Me, Marcia, Hillary, & Gayle @ The Librarian Booth)

Okay I finally got around to uploading my pictures from Kawaii-Kon 2007. In all, I agree with Gayle in that it’s one of best events I’ve been to, when promoting public libraries to teens in Hawaii.  I would say about 80% of people who attended would be our target audience in the YA department.  It was also inspiring to see so many teens with their library cards! (We were giving out free bookmarks and pins to those who flashed their cards.)
I’m probably just gonna post a bunch of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

First Day Registration

Friday at registration booths. (Photo Courtesy of Hillary)This years convention was held at Hawaii convention center, which was much more roomier than last years Ala Moana Hotel. 

Visitors to the Booth“Hard Gay Razor Ramon” Parodysat282h.jpg


Just more random pictures of people either cosplaying or dressed up for fun.  The guy dressed as an Asian reject of the village people is parodying “Hard Gay Razor Ramon,” a off-the wall Japanese TV personality. Hillary thought the kid dressed in the Pocky costume was cute. In fact, it was like Pocky was sponsering this event. It was everywhere, there were people carrying Pocky bags, eating it, and making makeshift guns with it (refer to guy in last picture).  Maybe next year we should ask Pocky to sponser our Librarian booth? Hmmm something to think about for next year!

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