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Google, My Friend

May 17, 2007

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the databases we subscribe to like Novelist, but sometimes it’s much easier to google something.  For example, yesterday I was trying to pinpoint a Sisterhood readalike and tried our catalog and Novelist to no avail.  My mind was abuzz with all the possibilities…there are quite a few books featuring a group of girls that my brain was a little overwhelmed trying to name them all.  I resorted to Google and found what I wanted almost instantaneously.  It think the reason why Google is effective as a search engine is that it thinks like/for the common person like me.  It doesn’t have strict search terms and even makes useful suggests.

So I’m sharing my find the Evanston Public Library’s bibliography of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Readalikes.  I also poked around and found a couple of Asian Pacific Heritage Month links on their site.  Evanston Public Library Asian American Heritage Month Web Resources Link and Evanston Public Library Asian American Heritage Month Booklist.  Their booklist contains some manga which I wouldn’t consider Asian American just because they don’t feature Asian American protagonists, but I don’t want to dog them because at least they are trying. 

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