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Bjork in San Jose

May 23, 2007


Over the years Bjork has gotten some bad press, for beating up a reporter and the “swan” dress.   It just seems like the general public will never understand Bjork in all her avante garde glory, and may never will. Maybe it’s a good thing, in my opinion some music should stay underground.  The pressure to please the masses can often hinder an artists true talent. So you’ve got to admire Bjork for sticking to her outer space guns. 
Recap of My Concert experience in San Jose:
This was my first trip to Sunnyvale, San Jose and like the name suggests the place is beautifully planned and Barbie would move there in a second.   The concert was outside at Mt. View Amphitheatre, which was totally gorgeous.  We arrived early to people watch, and what an eyefull we had! It was like a kaleidoscope of modern art, people were dressed like past and present Bjork incarnations. (Forget the Swan Dress!) There were boas, sparkly suits, bear suits, platforms, cute dresses, pink, blue, butterflies, and painted faces.  (Diehard Bjork fans are truly hardcore!) It seemed we didn’t have to wait too long for Bjork to enter the stage with an army of neon-suited french horn players. (Sort of reminded me of a Cirque De Soleil opening.) Then she burst out in her trademark voice with “Earth Intruders,” a bohemian homage to aliens all over the world.  Some of the high points of the concert included a spacy rendition of “Hyperballad” and a delicious version of “All is Full of Love.” 

Our personal favorite was “Declare Independance,” a true anthem for the perverbial weirdo in everyone.  To sum it all up I had a great time in San Jose (I did major damage at Bath and Body Works and Target.)  and the concert was probably the best I’ve been to all year!

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