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Guyaholic Chat

June 6, 2007

Guyaholic is Carolyn Mackler‘s newest book set to be released in August of this year. We had the opportunity to get advanced readers copies of Guyaholic and asked her some interview questions for the SBBT. We’ll be posting our interview with Carolyn Mackler in the near future. **There may be a few spoilers in our chat so reader beware.**

Guyaholic picks up where Vegan Virgin Valentine leaves off but this time from the perspective of Mara’s niece Vivienne Vail Valentine better known simply as “V.”


V’s character

Gayle: I think what was interesting about Guyaholic, was that V actually was sort of put together in a way that other previous characters weren’t.

Gayle: She seemed more mature in a way.

Jolene: Yeah like she’s a 21 year old college student trying to find herself.

Gayle: Perhaps because she had to fend for herself because her mom Aimee’s such a flake

Jolene: Especially when she decided to go on a road trip by herself.

Trisha: Yes, she’s been forced to grow up fast because of Aimee.

Gayle: The road trip definitely seems like something a more mature character would embark on.

Trisha: But it seems fitting for V. Passing through town after town, not sticking around…


Gayle: There’s a sense of isolation that I get with Mackler’s characters, like there isn’t anyone they can relate to or talk to in a way.

Trisha: Ooh, that’s a good point.

Jolene: Very teen angsty.

Gayle: Jessica Darling in Sloppy Firsts has Hope to confide in.

Trisha: Well, not really. I mean, she never mentions her whole thing with Marcus, because of what happened to Hope’s brother.

Gayle: True, but she still seems to be reaching out to others.

Jolene: Is there going to be a sequel to Guyaholic?

Trisha: So I’ve been listening to “Just Listen” on audio, and just read “The Book of Luke,” so it seems like there’s this theme I’ve been running into, or just noticing, of not being able to confide in others.

Trisha: Don’t know if there’ll be a sequel. Maybe she’ll tell us in the interview?

Jolene: It would be interesting if Mackler did a book based on male perspective.

Gayle: I was just thinking of Just Listen and the inability for the protagonist to talk to anyone.

Gayle: A lot of the isolation seems self imposed.

Gayle: Very teen angsty.

Jolene: Isn’t that the theme in most YA lit?

Trisha: Because, like V said, it was easier for her not to develop close relationships.

Gayle: Hmmm, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants seems to break the mold

Gayle: The whole 4 friends for life thing.

Trisha: Angst or isolation?

Jolene: But when the characters split up, there is a sense of isolation.

Jolene: They are out of their element, because they are separated from each other.

Gayle: Both, angst & isolation.

Gayle: Sucks to be a teen.

Jolene: Yes it does, raging hormones and hair growth.


Guyaholic Appeal
Trisha: Gayle, how does Guyaholic rate for you compared to Mackler’s other books?

Gayle: Best yet.

Trisha: Same here.

Gayle: Although, The Earth My Butt and Other Big Round Things was great and so was VVV.

Trisha: So, Jolene, you’ve got to read the other books and let us know what you think.

Gayle: I think the pacing of Guyaholic was perfect.

Jolene: I will definitely read the rest!

Trisha: I know The Earth,… was a Printz Honor and all, but I think it’s my least favorite.

Jolene: I agree the pacing was perfect, and the whole plot came together really nicely.

Gayle: What about Love and Other Four Letter Words?

Trisha: I would say Guyaholic, VVV, Love…, The Earth…

Jolene: How many books has Mackler written in total?

Gayle: Those 4 I believe.

Trisha: Yes, the pacing was good. And it’s such a short book compared to those 400 page tomes that are being published these days.

Trisha: But there’s still a lot of story.

Gayle: Economy of words.

Jolene: It seems like the story would work for an older teen to a person in their mid-20s.

Gayle: You get a lot of bang for your buck.

Jolene: Also the cover would appeal to the older teens; if they decide to stay with the cover.

Jolene: Very Sex in the Cityish.

Trisha: Yeah, how may covers have her other books gone through?

Jolene: I don’t know, guess depends on what the test groups like.

Gayle: Book jacket vs. paper.

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