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The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott

June 26, 2007

The cynic that I am, thought Michael Scott’s The Alchemyst was just riding on the coat tails of Harry Potter. I thought, great timing, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone introduced everyone to Nicholas Flamel just briefly enough so that we wanted to know more about him, the Harry Potter series is ending, all these now addicted readers, like myself, are going to be looking for their next fix of something else. Granted I doubt I’d like a spin off story featuring Hermoine or Ron, because did I mention I LOOOOOOOOVE Harry Potter, but Flamel, he’s totally viable. Now I’m waiting for a young adult version of the Da Vinci code but focusing more on Leonardo. I have Leonardo’s Shadow by Christopher Grey in my collection but it’s not really the same.

The Alchemyst although not quite as sophisticated as the Harry Potter series has a definite draw with its infusion of ancient folklore turned into a real life adventure. If you want to read about more excitement about The Alchemyst check out this article on

Random House is betting big on this fantasy epic, which it’s marketing as “the breakout book of the summer.” The initial print run is 250,000 copies — huge by normal children’s book standards (though small by Harry Potter standards) — and rights have been sold in 29 countries. New Line Productions optioned film rights to the series and has hired a screenwriter. (The Alchemyst’ could be the start of something Harry big in young-adult fantasy by CECELIA GOODNOW, P-I REPORTER June 10, 2007)

Other folks I’d love to see historical fiction/fantasy fiction written about:

  • Alexander the Great
  • Genghis Khan
  • Qin Shi Huang Di
  • Joan of Arc
  • Fa Mulan
  • Cleopatra
  • Issac Newton (nerdy I know, but he’s an interesting fellow also rumored to be an alchemist)
  • Insert here a list of historical female figures that my mind has temporarily forgotten
  • Insert here famous historical figures from around the globe that I have no doubt left out but would totally read about
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  1. anon permalink
    August 7, 2007 4:55 pm

    There is a book coming out re: alex the great.

  2. lucas permalink
    August 6, 2008 3:44 am

    i need help with a comic thats basicly the book, can some 1 help me? e-mail me and send me your ideas, do it fast though, it ends in about a week and a half, my e-mail is :

  3. tameka permalink
    October 1, 2008 11:52 pm

    my friend just read this book and sayed it was good now she has me wanting ta read it too

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