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July 12, 2007

Marc Aronson on why informational reading is fun.

The Guardian blog asks “Why don’t teenagers think reading is fun?” (via ACHOCKABLOG)

I wanted to go to the Teen Reads program at ALA, but it coincided with Maintaining Teen Graphic Novel Collections. Here’s a summary at the AASL blog.

And I mentioned why I skipped Wiking the Blog and Walking the Dog. PLA blog to the rescue!

OMG! The last Princess Diaries book comes out next year! (The exclamation marks are not sarcastic.) Meg Cabot interviewed at All About Romance. And make sure you read her response to the Hollywood question. “Deer Meg…” Hilarious. But best of all, thank god there’s at least one author who won’t be writing vampire romances.

And speaking of Meg Cabot, Justine Larbalestier on sex in YA books.

Tell the authors the 4th edition of Connecting Young Adults and Libraries what you would like to see via a short survey (only ten questions).

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