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Reads for the slightly dark at heart.

July 25, 2007


Don’t be fooled by the artwork and title, Clubbing is not a graphic novel about a hot gothic chick who likes to go night clubbing. In fact, it’s more like a nancy drew mystery with a slightly dark morbid hilarity. Charlotte “Lottie” Brook is a goth teen (if Emily the Strange grew up she would definately be Lottie), who upon getting caught with a fake I.D. at a london club is sent to repent in the english countryside, at her grandparents country club. However, Lottie finds that the english countryside is not so sleepy when she meets up with a kooky group of country vampires, finds a corpse, and crushes on the hunky groundskeeper. Will Lottie save the world and find out who killed the old lady, and get a kiss from the hunky groundskeeper by the end of the summer? Read if you dare.

*Just a side note: author Andi Watson also wrote books for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, so teens interested in that genre might enjoy this graphic novel as well.*


Omnibus Press again presents another ‘unoffical and unauthorized’ biography of an indie rock band. This time it’s target is My Chemical Romance (or MCR). The short work is actually a bunch of press and photo clippings taken from Billboard Magazine, MTV, and Alternative press. I wouldn’t have expected it to be an indepth read, since the band is only about seven years old, and they just the hit charts in 2004. In all, it would be a quick read for fans or anyone interested in the goth/punk/emo movement. Some trivia about the band you will learn from the book(disclaimer: since it is ‘unofficial and unauthorized’ some information may be incorrect or distorted):

1.) The band was formed in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks. Lead singer Gerard Way was on his way to work when he witnessed the planes crashing into the twin towers, from then on he decided to forgo his cartooning career in order to form MCR.

2.) The name My Chemical Romance came from the bassist Mikey Way (who is Gerards younger brother). My Chemical Romance is a referral to Irvine Welsh’s book Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance. (Irvine Welsh also wrote Trainspotting).

3.) Helena the bands seventh single is a tribute to Gerard and Mikey’s grandmother, who passed away while they were on tour. In 2005 the video for the song was nominated with 5 moon men by MTV.


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