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General Winston’s Daughter

July 31, 2007

Seventeen year old heiress Averie Winston has traveled far from her civilized Aberelle to the exotic Chiarrin.  Averie is eager to be reunited with her father, the general, and her handsome fiance Morgan.  Both men are part of the Aberelle army who have invaded and occuppied Chiarrin for it’s stategic location.  At first Averie is excited to explore a strange country and even makes a friend in a local seamstress named Jalessa.  However, all is not as it seems and the people of Chiarrin are at unrest, and rebels begin to attack their own city.  With the onset of impending war Averie realizes she doesn’t love her fiance, but instead is in love with the mysterious Lieutenant Ke Du’Kai who comes from Xantai, another one of Aberelle’s oppressed colonies.   Averie must grow up fast in the face of war and forbidden love.


General Winston’s Daughter reads more like a historical novel rather than fantasy fiction. There is a definate parallel between Aberelle and Chirarrin to the British Empire during it’s occupation of India.  The land of Chirarrin is described as hot and humid, while it’s people are exotic, tan, and wear colorful scarfs on their heads.  Aberelle is described as a powerful nation, whose people are classed by pedigree and fortune.  In fact, the obvious historical comparision often left me wishing Sharon Shinn had written a historical novel rather than “fantasy.” It would’ve probably made the story a lot more interesting if it were laden with historical and cultural facts. Overall, it might be a good read for fans of historical romance fiction rather than fans of fantasy fiction.

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