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Your book humor for the day

August 30, 2007

It’s only tangentially related to teens and YA lit, but my branch manager and I were cracking up at some of these butchered book titles shared on the Fiction_L listserv.

Some of my favorites:

  • Harry Potter and the Chamberpot of Secrets
  • Fire Hydrant 415
  • Flowers for Allergies
  • Satan in the White House

Can you guess which book the patron who asked for “Satan in the White House” was actually looking for? If I had gotten this question at the reference desk, I probably would have gone to thinking it was a real book.

And it’s not a butchered book title, but I feel sorry for the librarian who said, “I spent several hours looking for information for a mother doing her son’s ‘biology’ home work on Fetal Scent Syndrome. Turns out it was his GEOGRAPHY home work and he was supposed to research the Fertile Crescent.”

It also reminded me of this classic misspelling. (via

Fortunately, or unfortunately, for me the only book title incident I can personally remember is the kid who asked me for “Desperado” when he really meant The Tale of Despereaux. Well, a lot of teens do get the titles of Dave Pelzer’s books mixed up, but those incorrect titles aren’t exactly funny.

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