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Yet another reason why I love Meg Cabot

October 5, 2007

On “Gossip Girl”:

So instead I will discuss my profound disappoint with the show Gossip Girls. Yes, I said it, that show is disappointing me. OK, look, I never read the books because, hello, I am busy writing my own books, so I don’t really know what they’re about. But my understanding was that they were dishy and awesome, not PREACHY and MORALISTIC. Why else were all those moms so worried about them rotting the brains of their impressionable young daughters?

And in other YA lit-related news:

Megan Whalen Turner’s working on a new book!

I am working on the next book in the sequence. It is going very slowly and I am behind. Unless my editor is reading this, in which case, I am writing, Virginia! Writing!

And if that isn’t exciting enough, Garth Nix is writing two more Abhorsen books. We do have to wait until 2010 and 2011, but, hey, two more Abhorsen books!

Catherine Hardwicke (“The Nativity Story,” “Lords of Dogtown,” and “Thirteen”—yes, that “Thirteen”) is set to direct the film adaptation of Twilight. (via Entertainment Weekly‘s News Roundup)

Tokyopop is running an Alex Unlimited original short fiction contest. (via Jen Robinson)

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