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Quirky Asian Cinema

October 16, 2007

At first glance the Harunos seem like a typical Japanese family living in the countryside.  However, upon close inspection this family is a ragtag gang of eccentric characters.  The mother Yoshiko (Takahiro Sato) is an animator trying to perfect her craft, while her husband Nobuo (Tomokazu Miura) is a professional hypnotist.  Their daughter Sachiko (Maya Banno) is constantly plagued by a larger version of herself, while their son Hajime (Takahiro Sato) is infatuated with the new girl Aoi (Anna Tsuchiya from Kamikaze Girls). In addition, Yoshiko’s brother Ayano (Tadanobu Asano from Ichi the Killer) is a music producer who drops by to tell a strange childhood story involving eggs, poop, and tattooed gangsters.  Lastly, there’s Grandpa (Tatsuya Gasuyin) who is an retired animator with rather eccentric habits, like making up love haikus about inanimate objects.  Overall, Taste of Tea is an enjoyable romp through the quirky world created by writer/director Katsuhito Ishii.

Sang-Min is a total player who enjoys oogling women in any setting.  Seo Bo-eun is an average 16 year-old girl whom everyone thinks is cute.  While Seo Bo-eun’s grandfather is in the hospital he makes a dying request that she marry Sang-Min.  Even though they have known each other since childhood, Seo Bo-eun is not attracted to Sang-Min and thinks he’s a perverted womanizer. However, to appease her grandfather Seo Bo-eun and Sang-Min agree to an arranged marriage.  As soon as they are married Seo Bo-eun begins to lead a double love life.  While Sang-Min spends their honeymoon alone hitting on women.  Will this couple survive a loveless marriage? Or will it all end up in a hot mess?  To find out watch My Little Bride  a semi-unconventional romantic-comedy.

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  1. October 17, 2007 2:04 am

    THIS looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! I love completely bizarre family cinema, and so few American movies come under that heading. But once again, one must ask: Sailor Moon: Did she totally ruin an entire culture? What is UP with the sailor suits!?

  2. Jolene permalink*
    October 18, 2007 11:07 am

    Yeah,if you like quirky Manga you’ll like these movies. I suppose it’s just an Asian school girl thing with the sailor-like uniforms. Just like Catholic school girls with their Harry Potter-like uniforms.

  3. Gayle permalink*
    October 22, 2007 4:33 pm

    Sailor like uniforms are common in schools in Japan (where the vast majority of schools use uniforms). I personally think its a remnant of the militaristic past and Japanese society’s ever present need to assimilate everyone and everything that’s supposed to be “Japanese.”

    Sailor type uniforms were actually fairly common here in Hawaii up until the 80’s too if you can believe that…Sacred Hearts Academy still uses them and St. Andrew’s Priory had them back in the 80’s.

    Also if anyone can explain Taste of Tea to me, I’d appreciate it. I kept thinking I was missing something.

  4. Jolene permalink*
    October 23, 2007 11:17 am

    [I personally think its a remnant of the militaristic past and Japanese society’s ever present need to assimilate everyone and everything that’s supposed to be “Japanese.” ]

    Good point Gayle! I’m just remembering Miyazaki’s “Grave of the Fireflies” and how the boy’s uniform was an echo of his father’s military uniform. The sailor uniform is definately an remanant of Japan’s role in the World War.

    Taste of Tea was a very random movie. But maybe that was point that life can be a succession of random events, and sometimes we need to stop and notice those events.

  5. Esther Kemp permalink
    November 9, 2007 8:41 am

    i remember dis film…. very light…. kinda cheesy bt nt such a bad watch…

  6. November 29, 2007 11:38 pm

    wew!!i riLy luv MY LITTLE BRIDE!!!..hmm..i wish i cn see dem in person,,im a big fan of dem..

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