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Meg, meet Merry

October 25, 2007

I was checking the publication date of Long May She Reign at earlier today when I noticed the book it is paired with in the “Better Together” section.


Yeah, that’s right. LKH’s A Lick of Frost (Merry Gentry, Book Six). So not the book that first comes to mind when thinking of potential pairings. Though I’ve only read the first Merry Gentry book, so who knows? Maybe what I’ve read about the rest of the series is wrong, and she actually does more than sleep with a bunch of different men. I mean, male faeries. Can I still call them men?

The only possible connection I can think of is that Merry is the daughter (or was it niece?) of a queen, for the younger-female-relation-of-a-powerful-woman angle. Which still does not make it a good match.

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