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Jolene’s October Round-Up

October 30, 2007


*Unfortunately I didn’t read any spooky tales for Halloween this year, but I am in the middle of reading Marked, which Trisha reviewed earlier. I just realized the three out of my four selections are sequels or part of a series, it was unconsciously done.

Breaking Up: A Fashion High Novel by Aimee Friedman

A “girlie” graphic novel which centers around the friendship of of four teen girls.  Chloe the artist/dreamer/nerd, MacKenzie the pretty social climber, Isabel the dancer with over protective parents, and Erika the musician with the horny boyfriend.  Overall, a fast read and I loved Christine Norris’s cute artwork.

The Extras by Scott Westerfield

Westerfield’s fourth novel in the Uglies series set in a post-apocalyptic world after Tally’s destruction of the Specials.  New characters and gadgets are presented in a fame-obsessed Japan.  Basically Westerfield’s novel is a commentary on societies current obsession with media and fame, and the downfall it may bring to future civilizations.

Kiki-Strike: The Empress’s Tomb by Kristen Miller

The second book in the Strike series focuses on the mysterious Oona Wong, who has all of sudden reunited with her father.  Oona’s father turns out to be the head boss of the asian gang who previously tried to destroy the Irregulars.  Ananka and the rest of the Irregulars must decide whether they can can trust Oona.  In my opinion, not as exciting as the first novel but still enjoyable for readers who like the characters.

All-In by Pete Hautman

Hautman’s fast paced novel a follow up to No Limit, takes you on a journey through the professional poker circuit.  Denn Doyle is a 16-year old poker prodigy who decides to try his luck in Vegas.  It is there Doyle falls in love with Cattie a teen-runaway who has a fast hand when it comes to dealing.  In the end Doyle loses it all and winds up in an all-in poker showdown with a bitter casino owner.  Will he lose it all or has he already lost everything? Hautman has a style of writing that is smooth and fast; with that in mind this it might remind some readers of a western.  There’s even a quote from Kenny Roger’s the Gambler somewhere in there.

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