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Manga Cookbook

June 11, 2008

I posted a little while back on teen cookbooks just to showcase some of the cool titles available. One of the books I mentioned is the Manga Cookbook by the Manga University Culinary Institute. This little gem is sure to appeal to fans of manga, anime, and Japanese food. The instructions are easy to follow and there’s a plethora of explanation for some of the more unusual ingredients. I also like that there’s a cultural explanation to a lot of the featured food dishes. As a novice cook myself I do think some of the culinary skill involved in the cutting might discourage those who are not so familiar with the art of knife skills. Then again what’s cooking without a little bit of a challenge. I liked that there were color photographs of the finished dishes in the front of the book although I think it would have been awesome to have them with the actual recipes. My guess is that the glossy photograph pages are quite pricey so they were kept to a minimum and in the front. The black and white print is sufficient as far as instruction goes and the illustrations commendable but I wouldn’t mind a little more color here and there. I guess the b/w pages keep up with the manga aesthetic and not so much the cookbook aesthetic.

The Manga Cookbook is a cookbook for fans of manga and anime, and not so much the beginning cook.  Get the Manga Cookbook for the fun of it, or in addition to cookbooks with instructions on basic kitchen safety like knife handling and food preparation.

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  1. April 26, 2011 2:37 pm

    great blog just found it, really hope to hear more. Anime is my favorite and i wish to go to japan one day and having blogs like this really makes me excited to visit soon. Great work, learned allot and cant wait and great job with the blog!


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