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In the Home Stretch…

July 8, 2008

Our Summer Reading Program (SRP) is wrapping up this week.  Thank goodness!

I love you teens and kids but Summer Reading is tough on us librarians with all the prep and planning.  I sit down every week wondering if I’ll have enough incentives for the rest of the week.  Doesn’t help that I took a I’m-not-buying-anything-new-for-incentives-until-we-get-rid-of-some-of-this-old-stuff-in-storage stance.  The incentives aren’t necessarily that old, but some of them do predate my employment at the library so I thought why not give it away while it’s still in giftable condition.

Here’s the rundown of what the teens got for incentives at my library for the 2008 SRP:

  • Week 1: Mini-Stapler + Book
  • Week 2: Mini-beanie baby critter + Granola Bar
  • Week 3: Mechanical Pencil + Twisty Eraser
  • Week 4: Inspiration Rock + Bag of Doritos
  • Week 5: All kinds of great selections from my box of Super Cool Incentives

Note* I had about 50 teens sign up and about 35 actual readers.  Roughly 20 teens are in each week so you can gauge I had about 24 incentives per week except for week 3 when I had 35 incentives.  Week 5 has just begun so we’ll see how long my Super Cool Incentives last.  First day and I’ve already had 12 teens in (yeah, the stuff is that cool).

Thanks to Trisha and all the other friends who gave me stuff to give away.  Everything was well received and appreciated.  The Friends of the Library of Hawaii along with our other sponsors came through again providing us with great stuff.  If the teens at my library are any indication, we have very satisfied Summer Reading Program participants and no one’s even won the iPod Shuffle yet.

On my “to do” list is to take a photo of my Summer Reading Program display.  Hopefully it’s posted by the end of this week.

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  1. Jolene permalink*
    July 10, 2008 11:20 am

    Oh I hear you man! It’s been quite busy this summer, plus I have a shortage of reliable volunteers this year so it seems like I’ve been at my prize table all day long. Good job on getting at least 24 teens to read! I’m sure they’re really excited about the ipod shuffle. And thankfully we got the Doritos in time!

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