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I tried these craft ideas!

March 4, 2009

Since this year’s Summer Reading Collaborative is Express Yourself at Your Library I thought it would be appropriate to post my latest craft experiments. After watching this Martha Stewart video my girlfriends and I decided  to make these cute glove dolls! 

doll-mafia buttons1(I made this one!)3






 (For more reference on making cute dolls or just cute stuff please check out the following posts:
Crafty Stuff, The Cute Book)

I also made these lucky kitties from Creative Park at Canon. This would be a great craft for teens, because it’s a little challenging but the instructions are easy to follow. (I started off using regular card stock, but found the suggested matte photo paper (about $16 dollars for 100 from Walmart)makes the colors more vibrant.  Also you could use the paper sculptures as displays in your library.


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