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June 6, 2009

48 Hour Book Challenge Update #2

Finished: Swim the Fly by Don Calame. Matt and his two best friends, Cooper and Sean, set a random goal for themselves every summer. In the past, they’ve done things like 1,000 golf balls. This summer, the goal is to see a naked girl. In person. Between this goal and Matt’s crush on his new swim club teammate, there is ample room for embarrassment and laughs.

Quick reaction: I didn’t find it as hysterical as the flap copy promised, but it was pretty funny in a wince-inducing, how-many-more-embarrassing-situations-can-this-kid-find-himself-in? way. Which was partly my problem with the book. Matt’s a sympathetic enough narrator, but seriously, how can one guy, who hadn’t gotten himself into a similar number of mortifying situations in the past, experience this much stuff in one summer? If this was a movie and Ben Stiller could play a fifteen-year-old guy, he’d be Matt, and I think this describes the book pretty well.

It’s a fast read with short chapters, light but with enough substance that a key event in the ending slightly disappointed me because I didn’t think it was necessary to the story. As for the humor, I wouldn’t say it’s raunchy, but a lot of the humor does involve bodily functions. My disappointment aside, this would be a great book for teen guys and some girls, but it’s not for those with delicate sensibilities. If you don’t like American Pie or Ben Stiller movies, this isn’t the book for you. If you like American Pie and Ben Stiller movies, what are you waiting for?

Blogging/tweeting time: 28 minutes.

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