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miscellaneous non-book reads

June 25, 2010

Slate on Christian YA fiction.

Brent, the gay teen who couldn’t find LGBT books in his school library, and only one in his public library, is interviewed at School Library Journal. (I’m sure his original post, or the AP article about it, also inspired this article at

An article in the new Entertainment Weekly (which I would link to *if it was available online*) wonders “what would happen if To Kill a Mockingbird—or even J.D. Salinger’s 1951 classic of teen angst, The Catcher in the Rye—were published today?” I don’t think the article says anything new, but for people only beginning to take note of YA literature, it’s a nice read, mentioning the commercial success of YA lit as well as the literary/artistic quality of some books (though it calls The Invention of Hugo Cabret a YA book). As for the original question, what if To Kill a Mockingbird or The Catcher in the Rye were published today, I think the more interesting question is: what would YA literature be like if they hadn’t been published in 1960 and 1951, respectively, but were published for the first time today? Would it be the same regardless, as long as The Outsiders and The Chocolate War were published? (Speaking of the history of YA literature, I really want to read the revised edition of Michael Cart’s From Romance to Realism, but ALA books are so expensive!)

I probably would have skipped Robert Gray’s article in today’s Shelf Awareness because I cannot stand the Lakers. But Bill Simmons’ The Big Book of Basketball is my current lunchtime reading (except today, since we got the new issues of People and EW), because I had nothing to read one day so started flipping through the book and saw the Jabaal Abdul-Simmons thing and decided to keep reading even though I’m not much of a basketball fan. Anyway, the Shelf Awareness article is worth a read (scroll all the way down the page, near to the bottom) and could be the basis a great display. (Well, if your library owns more of the books than mine does.) “Books Phil Jackson recommended to his players this season.”

And your awesome program alert: from Oops…Wrong Cookie, their library’s Yomicon, a manga and anime convention for teens.

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