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My expectations have been lowered

June 25, 2010

regarding Everlasting by this Powell’s blog post.

Some things you should know about Faithful by Janet Fox and Everlasting by Angie Frazier:

1) They are both debut novels.
2) They are both historical novels with strong, adventurous heroines.
3) They both involve missing mothers.
4) They both involve a heroine who embarks on a long journey with her father.
5) They both involve a heroine who chooses love over duty, potentially ruining the family in the process.
6) They are both Young Adult books, and, as such, are completely lacking in hot, steamy, sexy bits. (Though Faithful does take place in Yellowstone, so there is hot and steamy of a different kind.)

This is probably a good thing for Everlasting, which, you may recall, was on my 2010 books I can’t wait to read list, along with Faithful. I have not yet read Everlasting, but now it’s like, I’m going in expecting to be disappointed by it, so it will be very easy to be, er, appointed by it. (Is this the correct neglected positive? Frankie Landau-Banks, can you help me?)

Because I have read Faithful, and it reminded me of Unclaimed Hearts by Kim Wilkins, both in plot and in my reaction to it. After all, Unclaimed Hearts was also a YA historical novel with a strong, adventurous heroine, whose mother is missing, so embarks on a long journey with her father to try to find out what happened to the mother, a lower class love interest, AND a romantic relationship with said lower class love interest I never believed in!

I’d love to see more YA historical romances, but a little more creativity would be nice, please.

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  1. June 25, 2010 6:08 pm

    Number 6 on your list made me laugh. It is too bad that these books are so formulaic. I have Faithful on my TBR list. Too bad Faithful was so disappointing. I hope Everlasting exceeds your expectations.

    Have you read Y.S. Lee’s debut novel, The Agency: A Spy In The House? It is one of my favorite recent YA historicals. I also really enjoyed The Bad Queen by Carolyn Meyer, and Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith.

    • June 25, 2010 6:26 pm

      The numbered list was written by the Powell’s blogger; sadly, I cannot take credit for the cleverness that is #6.

      I haven’t read The Bad Queen but did read and enjoy A Spy in the House and Flygirl.

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