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Cat Girl’s Day Off by Kimberly Pauley

June 9, 2012

You don’t have to be a cat person to get a kick out of Kimberly Pauley’s Cat Girl’s Day Off. It’s a comedic mystery, a bit like Michele Jaffe’s Jas Callihan, only without the footnotes and with a haughty pink cat.

Natalie Ng’s real Talent is being able to understand what cat’s are saying, but she often feels like invisibility is her unofficial talent. That all changes when Oscar, one of her best friends, shows Nat a video on YouTube. Sure, the video is hilarious…if you don’t understand what the cat in the middle of it is saying.

Someone is impersonating a famous celebrity blogger. Nat is the only one who realizes it, but would the police really listen to a teenager whose only evidence is the howls of a cat? Oscar and Melly, her other best friend, insist that Nat must do something, however. Together, the three of them manage to kidnap the cat and try to figure out the identity of the impersonator.

Overall, Cat Girl’s Day Off is an enjoyable and very funny mystery. Nat herself is a likable and self-deprecating narrator, and some of her interactions with various cats are a hoot. That said, I do think the book is overlong—it dragged in places and could have been shorter without losing any of its effectiveness. It didn’t make the book any less funny, just not as taut as it could have been. I also would have appreciated more context about how Talents work, especially since {semi-spoiler! highlight to read! ** part of the mystery aspect hinged on different Talents ** end semi-spoiler}. Still, I’d definitely hand this teens looking for a humorous mystery (it’s not a YA cozy, but close) or to teens needing a break from the darker, heavier mysteries.

Book source: public library

Total 48 Hour Book Challenge time spent reading/reviewing: 6 hours 4 minutes

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