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Review Policy + Contact Info

I think I’ve discussed these issues on the About page and some of the meta posts, but just to have everything in one place…

We are currently not seeking review copies of YA books. At this time, we do not accept adult books for review. However, you are welcome to send us information about your book(s) so that we are aware of it.

We are not Amazon affiliates, nor do we earn money from this blog in any other way, though we do occasionally receive unsolicited review copies.

In the (unlikely, but still possible) event that we are intrigued by your book offer and accept a copy/ARC of the book, we will read the book before deciding whether or not to review it. Receipt of a book does not guarantee a review, and reviews are not guaranteed to be positive.

Send questions, comments, and book information to theyayayas (at) gmail (dot) com or via the form below. We generally do not respond to mass e-mails/non-personalized book offers unless we are interested in the book.

Updated September 2010

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